Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sin and The Sinner

Ive been told to hate the sin not the sinner.

Does the sinner doesnt have brains like normal people, like me?!

I am THE person who hate the sin AND the sinner.

Of coz!
I do have sins of my own.

What if I hate the sin and the sinner because it against the law.
Human law.

Do not want to elaborate the sin nor the sinner just want to be able to express my tought!

Now, Ive been hated by the sinner.
Am I suppose to be ashame?
Im not the one who involve in THAT SIN!
Ive been hated because I have the guts to hate the sin and the sinner and say it out lout!

The table has turn.
Ive been told to watch my language and etc!
Just because I hate the sinner.

Im not ashame!
I still hate the sin and the sinner.
I will not feel sorry.
I will not apologise!

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